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Posted on September 14th, 2016 by Luisa Gatward

It is so easy to shop via TheGivingMachine that most of the time I don’t even realise I am doing it, I just do it automatically.

I like to shop via TheGivingMachine because I know that the retailers give a little bit back and these donations really help the causes I care about.  I also find it easy to use and love the product search feature which I use all the time to get the best deals for myself and the highest donations for my causes!

Here are the last 10 items I purchased online, all through TheGivingMachine of course!  Some generated high donations and some tiny, but even the smallest donations make a difference if there are enough of them.

Sainsbury’s – 55p donation (75p with gift aid)

I often do my weekly grocery shop online. It’s great knowing that every shop raises funds for my causes. The 55p donation may seem small but over the year it would generate £28.60, add gift aid and my causes get £39. So just by remembering to shop via TheGivingMachine with my weekly shop, my causes receive a much needed £39!

Thorpe Park Tickets – £1.95

I planned a family day out at Thorpe Park and of course booked the tickets via TheGivingMachine! By booking in advance the tickets are nearly half price at £27.50 each. We had a great day and it’s good to know it raised a donation for my causes as well.

Amazon – 2p

I downloaded a song from Amazon Music. It only raised a 2p donation but the song only cost 99p! Even these tiny donations make a difference if enough people do it.

Tesco Direct – 73p donation

I brought some new kitchen items from Tesco Direct after using the product search to find the best prices. Not only did I get the best price, my causes also benefited – Definitely a win win!

Ebay – 6p donation

A portable mobile charger for my daughter’s school trip. Again just a tiny donation but I was going to buy the charger anyway so it makes sense to get the donation no matter how small.

Dorothy Perkins – 59p donation

A new pair of shoes for me and a free donation for my causes – sounds good to me!

F.Hinds Jewellers – £5.81 donation

A special gift for a special person and a generous donation from F.Hinds Jewellers.

Jack Wills – 96p donation

A top for my daughter from Jack Wills and a donation for my causes. It is nice to be able to treat my family and my causes at the same time.

Virgin Experience Days – £8.54 donation

I purchased a trip to the Shard followed by Afternoon Tea. This was purchased as a gift and I researched first to get the best deal so I was delighted to see such a generous donation too!

The Book People – 96p donation

I saw a promotion for The Book People on TheGivingMachine with a 20% off discount code. I purchased a few books I wanted and saved my 20% whilst giving for free to my causes.

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