5 Great Ways to Boost your Fundraising


Posted on October 19th, 2016 by Laura Hollis

Give your funds a boost with these tried and tested methods. We’ve asked our causes what works for them and here’s the top five answers.

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1. Speak to your Givers
Some of the most successful causes on TheGivingMachine are those that regularly email their supporters via their fundraising page. Remind your Givers to shop and say thank you to those that have. You will find suggested email text on the promotional materials page.

2. Social Media
Let your supporters know you’re fundraising on TheGivingMachine via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll find a range of suggested posts on the promotional materials page. Or just like and share TheGivingMachine’s posts.

3. Your quick sign-up page
Using your quick sign-up page is a quick and easy way of getting supporters signed up to TheGivingMachine at an event.
Supporters simply add their email address and tick the terms and conditions to sign up as a giver for your cause. They’ll be emailed further instructions on how to complete their registration.
You can find your quick sign-up page by logging on to your cause account, clicking ‘view your fundraising page’ and then ‘quick sign-up’.

4. Reminder cards
You can order your free reminder cards here. These are great to handout to new supporters, pop in book bags and give out at events. You can also download and print out cards to personalise here.

reminder cards

5. Run a target campaign

One successful school recently ran a thermometer campaign.
They created the fundraising thermometer and placed by the school gate for everyone to see. Parents were aware that once the target of £1,000 had been reached then the school would be able to purchase new indoor and outdoor sports equipment.

Parents who regularly shopped through TheGivingMachine were also publicly thanked by way of their names being attached to the fundraising thermometer.


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