TGM Team

TheGivingMachine was set up in 2006 by four Hertfordshire Dads who agreed to use their different business skills to benefit charities and schools rather than profits for shareholders.

Since then, we’ve grown to become a larger team with an excellent mix of skills but with a passion to champion the thousands of causes, by bringing together the causes important to our community of shopper/givers together with our partners, the retailers.

Find out more about us below.

Luisa Gatward

Retailer Relationships

Luisa manages all of our retailer relationships, our newsletters and other seasonal promotions. In addition, Luisa also runs our Facebook page. Luisa is a wife and mum of two girls and would love to write a novel, when she has some spare time.

Nicola Thomas

Giving Director – New Technology

Nicola manages our overall technology strategy and all new technology and development projects within the team and she ensures the ‘machine’ keeps running for all our givers, retailers and causes. A wife and mum to a very active lad, Nicola loves to keep fit, spend time with her family and make amazing jewellery.

Rachel Jackson

Customer Relations & Public Profile

Rachel deals with customer enquiries, and our Public Profile and looks after our Twitter account. Rachel is a wife and mum to two young children, enjoys yoga, theatre trips and (fair-weather) running.    

Sarah Markham

Advisor - Marketing & Business Development

Sarah advises on our marketing strategy and execution coupled with developing the business. Sarah’s background spans strategy, marketing, channel management and sales and has worked with large multinationals as well as small medium enterprises with a focus on creative growth. Sarah and her partner love to keep fit and take part in many outdoor pursuits, as well as spending a lot of time with family, friends and furry animals.

Sam Martin-Ross

Digital Marketing

Sam has joined TheGivingMachine  to co-ordinate digital marketing, so is involved with both implementation and strategy across all online channels. Sam also runs his own digital marketing agency, Digital Uncut, and loves to keep up with all the latest tech developments.

Jonathan Bayly

Founder, Giving Director - Finance

Jonathan is a co-founder and our Finance Director (former Council Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland). Jonathan is married with two grown up children and loves to swim, act and sing as well as playing golf and tennis.  

Craig McKenzie

Founder, Giving Director - Technical

Craig is a Co-founder and our Technical Director who runs his own digital design agency too, Brilliant Limited. Craig has created many assets and creatives since our inception. He loves time out with his children, classic Volkswagens, martial arts and all weather cycling, running and camping!

Laura Hollis

Customer Relations & Social Media Content

Laura job-shares with Rachel, dealing with customer enquiries, Beneficiary approvals and ensuring our Special Offers are up to date. Laura also takes care of our Instagram and Pinterest accounts. A wife and mother of two young girls, Laura is a keen runner (even in the rain) and enjoys cooking - especially cakes with the girls, and going to gigs with her husband when able.  

Mark Clark

Founder & Advisor - Marketing Strategy

Mark is a co-founder and advises us on marketing and branding. He is a Partner in a business development consultancy that specialises in growing creative businesses. Married and dad to three grown up children, Mark lives in Brighton, loves to swim and enjoys music & contemporary art.

Richard Morris

Founder, Chief Executive

As Chief Executive and co-founder, Richard is the only director who works full time as a member of the 'Ops Team. He manages the development programme, leads major projects, drives the team and ensures that everything runs smoothly.  Richard is responsible for promoting TheGivingMachine to the wider community to help connect us to organisations such as the Social Enterprise Mark CIC, Deloitte Social Pioneers, and other similar groups. He is married with 2 children, 2 dogs -called Max & Sid.

Max - volunteer

Max's main role is to just be the cute one in the office despite the collar of shame he had to wear recently.   He has a nose for chocolate which is not a good thing for him.

Sid - volunteer

Sid's main role is to bark whenever the door goes, anyone comes in or out of the work-space or anything unexpected happens.  He is an unbelievably cheeky chappie.