TheGivingMachine for investors

As a UK charity we focus on getting the best outcomes for the causes we support, rather than on profits for shareholders.

We’ve grown massively since we began in 2006 as a discussion around the kitchen table. Our community now includes over 80,000 Givers and 1,500 Retailers. And we’ve raised around £1 million in free donations for over 6,500 charities, schools, and community groups. If you’re a social investor, we’d love you to help us make an even bigger impact.

We’ll multiply your investment by five

Here’s our proposition to you: within 5 years, we’ll aim to multiply your investment by five in donations to good causes. For investments of £50,000 or more, we’ll also pay your money back to you.

We want to be part of a new culture of fundraising that makes giving a behavioural choice, not a financial one.  By enabling customers to give for free to causes they choose, we bring together companies, shoppers and communities in a way that benefits them all.  If you’re interested in finding out more about working with us, please get in touch at .


Also, if you’re interested, read our guide on corporate social responsibility here.