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Providing fundraising solutions for good causes, their amazing supporters and caring businesses.

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We are a charity supporting any UK based good cause no matter how big or small



We provide new and easy ways to help causes, supporters and businesses make a difference together – The”Giving”Machine



We’re passionate about making a difference because all good causes matter

What would you do with £125,000?

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We have been selected as Jumbo Win's first charity partner in their Golder Ticket Draw.  Every ticket holds a golden potential to dramatically change your life. But, you have to be in it to win it!

Not only that, but by entering, you will be helping raise much-needed funds for TheGivingMachine so that we can can continue to support thousands of charities and good causes across the UK!


What we do

Providing a range of fundraising options for UK based good causes and their supporters.



An exciting fundraising lottery scheme. A free and easy way for schools, charities and community groups to raise vital funds by receiving 40% of ticket sales. Players could win up to £25,000 while supporting causes that matter to them from just £1 a week. Businesses can launch lotteries for their staff and customers to support their chosen good cause

Great for: Causes, Supporters & Businesses



Every year online shops pay millions in sales commissions to other websites that direct shoppers to them (e.g. voucher code websites). At TheGivingMachine our Shop&Give platform turns these commissions into donations for the shopper’s chosen good cause(s) without it costing anyone a penny more.

Great for: Supporters & Causes

Why not become a friend of TheGivingMachine

By being a Friend of TheGivingMachine and making a direct donation to us, you are adding more power to our "Machine"

Your donation enables us to continue to provide all our services to causes for FREE and allows us to build more fun and creative ways for supporters, business and causes to work together to create a Giving Nation.

More ways we make a difference


Donate now

All causes joining TheGivingMachine are given a page with a Donate Now button including social enterprises (CICs), Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs), schools, community groups and of course charities.   It doesn't cost good causes a penny and we ask supporters to cover the payment processing fee to allow us to pass the full amount onto the cause.

Great for: Businesses, Supporters & Causes



Give a gift with a difference with a GivingVoucher. Recipients can donate, at no cost to them, to any one of our 10,000+ causes who have joined TheGivingMachine.  It’s a great way for businesses to reward customers or staff and can make a perfect gift for a friend!

Great for: Businesses, Supporters & Causes

Our Impact

We’re dedicated to helping good causes, their amazing supporters and caring businesses thrive together to make the world a better place.



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Caring businesses

One donation at a time

our fundraising options help make a difference and make the world a better place.

“I’m a huge fan of this organisation and what they stand for, They’re genuinely lovely people who work so, so hard to make the world a happier, more generous place.

Penny by penny we’ve raised over £1,400 with them to date, helping to improve the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged families, and during the current health crisis when we were really struggling, their support and encouragement has been invaluable. Thank you so much to everyone on the team - your efforts really are changing the world one donation at a time, and they're appreciated more than you can imagine.” 

Helen Wallace-Iles
CEO & Founder, Autism All Stars Foundation UK


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