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TheGivingMachine team represents a diverse set of experiences and interests.  Here we share some of our insights that we think might be helpful whether you are a supporter, a good cause or a business interested in giving, technology, business, philanthropy or just making a positive difference in some way.


We have worked with the John Lewis Partnership for 18 years. Two companies with a strong mindset of “doing good”, working together to make a difference.

Together with the wonderful causes, supporters and businesses we work with, we made a positive impact in 2023 and we are delighted to share this impact video with you.

As we enter a new year many of us look to make resolutions, whilst this is not a bad thing, it can put pressure on us. So this year at TheGivingMachine we are taking a more positive spin on the traditional resolutions.

Herts Hogline issued a plea of their impending closure due to lack of funds. Their community rallied round to secure their future.

Black Friday is a shopping phenomenon and the busiest shopping day of the year. It is easy to get carried away and buy more than we want or can afford. Prepare for Black Friday and stick to your budget.

Navigating the Captain Tom controversy and local heroes. In a world rife with challenges, charities are the unsung heroes that step forward to make a difference. 

If you or your child are flying the nest and heading off to university, we have some tips to help make this transition as easy and stress free as possible.

We are keen to find out what motivates the supporters of our good causes to visit our website every day to collect a Free Bonus Donation.

Our shopping habits have changed. We find out how and why they have changed and what we can expect our shopping habits to be like in the future.

As much as charities need to focus on their fundraising, they also have to focus on looking after the welfare of their team. After all, people are our most important asset!

July is Sarcoma Awareness month. Awareness of Sarcoma cancer in the UK is very low and therefore it is often diagnosed too late as people are not aware of the symptoms, or are sadly misdiagnosed.

In the current cost of living climate, with many people needing to make their money stretch further, they are choosing holidays over other purchases.

During the cost of living crisis, people are finding it hard to offer their support to good causes. However there are ways we can support good causes without putting ourselves under financial strain.

Our team have tried various different aids to improve our sleep over the years. We have shared what have worked for us and hope that it can help you improve your sleep too.

Life Balance

Our team members welfare is a vital part of our Charity’s values and with this in mind TheGivingMachine has made the decision to move to a 4 day working week.

Every year a huge amount of wrapping paper is used and thrown away because it can’t be recycled. We find out how we can wrap our gifts to make them look beautiful whilst being environmentally conscious.

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