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Over £2million has been raised for UK based schools, charities and other good causes by our Giving Nation

Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising was formalised in December 2020 as a registered non-profit - importantly remaining a totally voluntary organisation.  

Most of our fundraising takes place on Mad About Schnauzers UK Fundraising Facebook group. 

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Where does our time go? Why do we never seem to have enough time? Are the days shorter then they used to be? Are you constantly rushing from one thing to another?

Businesses can set up their own lottery and choose a cause they care about to support. They can promote this to their staff and customers who can play for just £1 per week and will be in with the chance of winning £25,000!


I am meant to be writing an article for our website but what with feeling exhausted from get another bad night’s sleep, achy bones troubling me today accompanied by some good old fashioned brain fog I can’t think of what to write so instead I’ll give you a rant about the menopause.

As a charity supporting some of the most vulnerable people in the community, how do you continue to deliver against your purpose and vision in the midst of the ongoing effects of the global pandemic.

Angry person

Technology is just part of the equation of successful tech delivery. Forget about the humans and you are likely to arrive at an incorrect solution.

To Do List

Everyone seems to think I am super organised, both at work and at home. I am that person who always arrives early, always has a spare pen and a colour-coded laminated holiday itinerary (which in my defence I think is a must for any Disney holiday)

Mental Health

Is mental health still considered a taboo subject? Our mental health should be equally as important as our physical health.

A skilled and happy team helps businesses to be successful. Happy staff help to create happy customers.

One World

I’ve often heard that charities need to be more business-like and in my experience that is often true.  They need to learn from their nimble, agile and profit motivated cousins.  But it also works both ways

TheGivingMachine Charity

We knew it was high time we gave TheGivingMachine a new lick of paint and updated our charity's shop window.

Virgin Money Giving Logo

It was with sadness that I received the news that Virgin Money Giving (VMG) will close after 12 years. Find out how we can help your cause when Virgin Money Giving closes.


Why customer service needs human interaction and can't all just be by chatbot faq's


When I took a career break to have a family, good old mail-merge was king - Fast forward 7 years to when I returned to work, computers and the working world seemed like a different place.

Dead roses

I received a thank you from a charity for my ongoing support.  This letter is not a thank you at all and the “ask” devalues the thank you message itself - everything leads up to the "ask".

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