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Charity Research Results

We asked, you told us and we listened!

We recently contacted our causes, supporters and local businesses to ask them to complete our survey to help us to better understand their needs and wants.

They were really generous with their responses and provided us with lots of interesting data to help us improve the services we are currently offering.

We have analysed all the feedback and really listened to our audiences voices. We have collated the data and can now share this information with you in our report.

Our Report

Our report includes great insights including, what supporters want from the causes they support and if they are receiving this. What causes need and want from their supporters plus what support we can offer causes to assist with their fundraising. It also includes details of what we are going to do next. Feel free to download the report and watch this space for what we are planning to do next...

We are small but mighty!

Our small team is made up of individuals passionate about building low cost fundraising solutions for all UK based good causes.

We hadn’t researched our audience in a while and wanted to find out what they really needed from our fundraising platform. Following a lot of change in supporter and cause behaviours with everyone adapting to the restrictions imposed by COVID, we felt now was an excellent time to go out to them and really ask them what they think.

We conducted these surveys to find out how important fundraising is and if the needs of UK based good causes had changed as the world adjusted to the pandemic. We wanted to know how we can support Charities, Schools and Community Groups better with their fundraising needs and increase the donations being generated for them. We wanted to understand the needs of volunteers running charity fundraising events and how we can better help them.

We are keen to grow our social impact and give more back to communities and those that need it most. The results from our surveys will help us achieve this.


About the author

Luisa Gatward

Our Head of Operations, Luisa is responsible for the smooth running of all operations including marketing and partner relationships. Having started working for TheGivingMachine in 2010, she has seen our Charity grow and develop into what we have today.

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