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Gift Ideas

Read and share our fun list of 100+ gift ideas to help you find ideas for the perfect gifts, whether birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Cakes and biscuits

Read and share our fun list of over 100 fundraising ideas to help you and friends devise your own new ways of raising funds for causes and charities.

Every year a huge amount of wrapping paper is used and thrown away because it can’t be recycled. We find out how we can wrap our gifts to make them look beautiful whilst being environmentally conscious.

Comment on our social media post with the cause you would like to win! The cause to receive the most nominations will receive the £50 donation.

School holidays can be really costly for parents. We have ideas to help keep children entertained during the six-week break without breaking the bank.

To celebrate our GivingLottery turning three we are giving away a £20 GivingLottery Gift Voucher!

Simply find the birthday cake that we have placed somewhere on this website to enter!

See the wonderful nominations being made in our Christmas Gift Giveaway. Get involved and nominate someone to win each week.

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