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Christmas Gift Giveaway Nominations

At TheGivingMachine we are all about giving so this Christmas we are giving you the chance to nominate someone to win a prize in our Christmas Gift Giveway. This is your chance to say "Thank You".

Each week we have new prizes up for grabs and new chances to nominate someone special to win one. 

Visit our Christmas Gift Giveaway page to find out how to get involved and get nominating!

Here are some of the nominations we have received

Nominated by Peter who supports 1st Cufley Scout Group.
"Jean is a fantastic volunteer leader in our Scout Group. As our Akela she runs weekly meetings for our Cub Pack which has more than 30 active members aged between 8yrs and 10.5yrs".

Nominated by Sara who supports
"For all the selfless hard work that Jaki has put into creating If Everyone Cares and to support all community projects, good causes and charities and all those that require their support.
She has been working on this for years with little support until recently and all her effort now appears to be coming to fruition.
Jaki deserves recognition".

Nominated by June who supports King Athelstan PCSA.
"Alexandra is hardworking, kind and generous and deserves a treat".

Nominated by Marjory who supports the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
"My daughter has had a nightmare 2 years....a husband who went off the rails, gambling and ultimately substance abuse. He was very cruel to her and 3 little boys, 8, 4 and 1. She has managed to work to keep her house and look after the boys, with no financial support from her ex husband. All now have Covid. My heart aches for her but I have so much admiration for the way she has just made the best of things and always put her boys first. It would be lovely to see her get some recognition for her strength and determination".

Nominated by Ebony who supports Ysgol Dolafon.
"I Feel Kim needs a pick me up. Always doing things for others. Caring for her disabled son on her own. Volunteers in the community too. But never puts her self first".

Nominated by Ebony who supports Ysgol Dolafon.
"Throughout all the covid lockdowns Kirk was feeling poorly and even taken by ambulance to hospital twice but he still helped in anyway he could with homeschooling our children, decorating our home and he was also working as a fire fighter too. He did amazing".

Nominated by Joy who supports Discovery Exocet Explorer Scout Group.
"Katie is a volunteer who helps at Beavers,Cubs and Scout groups every week.She has done so since she was 14 years old and gives her time every week to help children at these groups learn new skills and enjoy scouting. She is an inspiration to many and deserves recognition as she is only 22 now".

Nominated by Ebony who supports Ysgol Dolafon.
"Kirk deserves a treat. Helps me navigate my life".

Nominated by Peter who supports 1st Cuffley Scout Group.
"Emma is a loyal and active supporter of our Scout Group".

Nominated by Jaki wh supports
"Katie is one of those amazing people who would do anything, for anyone. From doing shopping for a neighbour, to dropping in on someone who is isolated or giving a lift to someone who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend a social occasion. She is on the go from before 6am each day and is kind to the core".


About the author

Luisa Gatward

Our Retailer Relations Manager, Luisa manages all our retailer and affiliate relationships and is an active member of our marketing team. Having started working for TheGivingMachine in 2010, she has seen our Charity grow and develop into what we have today.

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