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Driver Hire Benevolent Fund Case Study

Who are Driver Hire Benevolent Fund Case Study?

The Driver Hire Benevolent Fund (DHBF) is a good cause that is run by the Franchisee’s of Driver Hire, a Nationwide company, to help drivers in their time of need. This financial help is awarded to “Driver Hire employee’s and their Temporary workforce and their families who have suffered an injury and sometimes the death of their principal breadwinner”. On the GivingLottery (GL) the Driver Hire Benevolent Fund has raised over £2,500 of unrestricted funds to date, since their sign-up in November 2020.

What problems were they facing?

The DHBF was struggling to raise funds that they typically would have done in person due to the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. This also resulted in a stop to large parts of the funding they typically received from their franchisees through annual events held in person. They were looking for a simple way to fundraise without needing to organise physical events that would be able to keep DHBF running smoothly. In addition to this, the DHBF was unable to apply for any grants because they were not a registered charity but needed access to some unrestricted funding.

Why did they choose the GivingLottery?

The GivingLottery appeared easy to run and able to do completely online, which allowed them to overcome their issue of holding in-person fundraisers. In addition to this, the platform allowed their supporters to connect with them more directly, allowing them to provide more specific financial help. The GL also allowed them to engage their supporters more with a fun, weekly lottery that they could talk about and share. 

How did they implement the GivingLottery into their fundraising strategy?

Whilst the DHBF doesn't have a specific marketing department, trustees of the organisation have held a meeting every 2-3 months to design and plan the upcoming marketing and newsletters. The emailing campaigns are run primarily by one member of the DHBF team, and he ensures that the emailing is consistent and cohesive. The DHBF has primarily used newsletters featuring our promotional materials and QR codes to reach out to their supporter base in order to make them aware of their page on the GivingLottery, keeping the contact regular and informative. They even made their own marketing materials, and keep their subscribers up-to-date with the amount of money they have raised on the GivingLottery!

How has the Driver Hire Benevolent Fund benefited from using the GivingLottery?

The GivingLottery has been able to fill the fundraising gap that the DHBF were facing due to their status as a non-registered community organisation. In addition to this, it has made up for the funds that were typically raised at their annual franchise meeting. This has meant that they have had a regular income to put towards their benevolent fund for drivers and their families to utilise in times of need. Having this new fund raising platform enabled them to support families that may otherwise have missed out at a difficult time. In addition to this, they have been able to purchase some personalised stationery to help spread awareness of their organisation. By regularly marketing the GivingLottery to their wider network of franchises and their employee’s they have been able to maintain this income stream even though their usual fundraising activities are now back in operation. Their fundraising is now at its highest ever levels and this has been made possible by the GivingLottery which provides a welcome steady monthly income.

About the author

Alexandra Morris

Alexandra recently joined TheGivingMachine to help with growing the GivingLottery and improving the way people use both of our fundraising platforms.  

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