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Schnauzerfest Case Study

Who is Schnauzerfest?

Schnauzerfest is a registered charity that aims to provide financial assistance for veterinary bills for rescue dogs. They are a grant giving charity that not only provide this assistance but also spread awareness of puppy farming and the importance of adoption when taking on a pet. On the GivingLottery they have managed to raise over £7,700 since their sign-up in January 2021. 

Why did they choose the GivingLottery?

As Schnauzerfest became a newly registered charity at the start of the pandemic, they knew they wanted to implement an online lottery at some point but hadn’t decided how to do this. The fact that 60% of the GivingLottery’s income went to good charities was a selling point for them, and they chose our lottery to set up for their fundraising. The ease of the platform also played a role in their choice and the ability to understand how to use it so quickly was a benefit.

How did they implement the GivingLottery into their fundraising strategy?

Typically they have used email to connect with supporters along with social media channels, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so this has allowed them to grow their ticket numbers from the start. The materials they use have actually been designed by them so as to match their brand colours and style. Schnauzerfest have made sure to mention the GivingLottery as frequently as possible - to the point that they were concerned about their supporters hearing too much about it! 

Have Schnauzerfest faced any challenges in using the platform?

No! In general they found it very user friendly to get started with.

How have Schnauzerfest benefitted from the funds raised on the GivingLottery?

The funds that Schnauzerfest have raised on their GivingLottery page have gone towards the veterinary bills paid out to the rescue dogs that they support. The funds have also been able to do further planning to fulfil future veterinary costs, as well as enabling them to fulfil their function as well as they can.

About the author

Alexandra Morris

Alexandra recently joined TheGivingMachine to help with growing the GivingLottery and improving the way people use both of our fundraising platforms.  

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