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Our 2023 Impact

As a Charity, our vision is to see a world where all good causes can access regular, unrestricted funds to ensure their sustainable future.

Charities, Social Enterprises, community groups, CIC’s and schools seeking to do good in the community, find it hard to secure the funds they need and we are there to support them.

Our mission is to reinvent the way we give to build an inclusive community bringing causes, supporters and businesses together to make a difference.

Together with the wonderful causes, supporters and businesses we work with, we have made a positive impact in 2023 and we are delighted to share this impact video with you.

Donations paid to good causes in 2023

  • £66,476 paid to causes on the GivingLottery
  • £36,805 paid to causes on Shop&Give
  • £27,933 paid to causes via partnerships
  • £10,785 paid to causes via Direct Donations

Total amount we have given away

So far to date we have given away £2,227,026 in donations to UK based good causes. Many of the causes we work with are totally reliant on donations and these donations enable them to continue their amazing work.

Our impact so far!

Join our Giving Nation and make a difference!


About the author

Luisa Gatward

Our Head of Operations, Luisa is responsible for the smooth running of all operations including marketing and partner relationships. Having started working for TheGivingMachine in 2010, she has seen our Charity grow and develop into what we have today.

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