Charity Lottery


Charity Lottery: What’s it all about?

At its heart, a charity lottery is about raising as much money as possible for a great cause.

Like other fundraising methods, a charity lottery generates money through donations from members of the public who pay for a ticket to be in with a chance of winning prizes. The lottery is then drawn as normal, and the person with the winning numbers receives whichever prize is up for grabs. 

Ultimately, a lottery is a simple and effective way of spreading awareness and receiving loads of amazing donations, especially from people who wouldn’t normally donate – this is why so many charities have chosen to start one.

We’ve even got in on the action with our very own charity lottery, the GivingLottery, which presents you with the chance to donate to your favourite good causes and win great prizes at the same time.

The GivingLottery

It can be hard knowing the best way to support a good cause. But with our GivingLottery, we hope to put the fun back into fundraising. 

Drawn weekly, our charity lottery aims to help a number of your local good causes. 

For every £1 ticket sold, 60p will go to a good cause in the UK:

  • 20p of this will be donated to TheGivingMachine charity which aims to help and support all good causes in the UK. 
  • The remaining 40p of this collection is donated to a good cause of your own choice, so you can ensure your favourite causes are always benefiting. 

How does our charity lottery work?

The GivingLottery works much like a regular lottery. Simply go onto the website to purchase one of our GivingLottery tickets and be entered for the week’s draw.

Every ticket you buy consists of six numbers between 0 and 9. On Sundays, the winning number combination will be picked at random and the person with all 6 numbers in the correct order will receive the top prize. 

The best part is, the GivingLottery will donate more than half the ticket percentage to a good cause – that’s twice as much as the national lottery. 

Charity lottery prizes 

Whilst the real winners are the good causes who benefit from your amazing donations. It’s nice for the lottery winners to receive something too.

Prizes can take different forms depending on the organisations involved, but it will usually be a set amount of money that can be adjusted depending on how many numbers the winners have matched. 

For example, the GivingLottery offers a top prize of £25,000, alongside various prize amounts for participants who have between 2 and 5 matching numbers. 

The overall chances of winning will vary depending on whichever lottery you choose to enter. However, in our case, each of the GivingLottery tickets has a 1 in 50 chance of receiving a prize, so there’s every chance yours could be the next winner! 

Always play responsibly, if you need to talk to someone about your gambling please contact

Players must be 16 or over and physically located in the UK


Institute of fundraising

Gambling Commission


GivingLottery is promoted by TheGivingMachine, a Small Society Lottery licensed by East Herts District Council

East Herts District Council Registration No: 19/0133/GASSL

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