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Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Fundraising for Charities

As a charity we know the difficulties faced by many good causes to continue supporting those in need. Good causes rely on fundraising to help them continue to do the work they do and are always looking for ideas to raise money for charity.

At TheGivingMachine we provide new and easy fundraising ideas to help causes, supporters and businesses make a difference together.

We have built and integrated technology to unlock regular donations to help all good causes whether big or small. Our solutions help make it easy for supporters and businesses to make a difference to their communities and beyond.

Here are some of the ways our fundraising platform for Charites, Schools and Community groups can help you.

Fundraising ideas - Join Shop&Give

Our Shop&Give fundraising platform enables supporters to raise free donations for the causes they care about.

Every year online shops pay £millions in referral sales commissions, at TheGivingMachine our Shop&Give platform turns these commissions into free donations for the shopper’s chosen good cause without it costing anyone a penny more.

Your supporters are already shopping online so to make the most of these extra funds, join TheGivingMachine for free and let your supporters know they can generate free donations for you by shopping via our Shop&Give platform.

When joined, you will have your own cause page and access to free promotional materials to help promote to your audience.

FUNDRAISING IDEAS - Join our GivingLottery

Our GivingLottery is an exciting fundraising lottery scheme open to all good UK causes. It is a free and easy way for schools, charities and community groups to raise vital funds.

To offer additional help to causes, businesses can launch their own lottery to support their chosen good cause.

Players could win up to £25,000 while supporting causes that matter to them from just £1 a week.

40p from every £1 ticket goes directly to the cause.

Apply now and be up and running in just a few days. You'll have your own dedicated page to see your winners and earnings and we'll supply all the promotional materials you need to get started. What is even better is that you'll start receiving payment from your very first lottery ticket sold.

Donate Now


All causes joining TheGivingMachine are given a page with a DonateNow button. Your supporters can make direct donations to you, even if you are not a registered charity. We only ask that the processing fee is covered, there are no other fees for the cause or supporter.

Daily Bonus Donations

Our Daily Bonus Donation is an easy fundraising solution for your cause. Your supporters can raise free donations for you, simply by visiting our website each day. These donations are sponsored by retailers and are free to supporters and causes. 



We offer GivingVouchers which can be purchased by individuals or businesses as gifts and the recipient can redeem their voucher against the cause of their choice. Let your audience know about this service as the voucher could be redeemed to your cause!

fundraising ideas for schools

Schools are often struggling to provide everything they would like to provide to support their students and with cuts to school budgets, the need for schools to fundraise is really important. Many PTAs take on this task and do a great job helping provide everything from IT equipment to playground equipment and funding school trips. Here are some fundraising ideas for schools to help raise those much needed funds:

  • Cake Sale - Who can resist a cake sale? Supply each pupil with a paper plate and ask them to return it with cakes. Home-made or shop bought is fine. At the end of the school day set up some tables and sell all the plates of cakes and raise money. 
  • Book Sale - It's great to encourage children to read and selling pre-loved books is a great way for schools to fundraise. Children can donate their old books for other students to buy and all money raised helps the school.
  • Non-School Uniform Day - Children love going to school in their own clothes and this can be a great fundraiser for schools. Each student makes a donation and they don't have to wear their school uniform. For extra fun, get the teachers involved too!
  • Walk to School - This is a great way to encourage children to walk to school whilst still raising money for the school. Each child is sponsored to walk to school every day for a week. Even children who live too far to walk can get involved by parking further away and walking for part of the journey.
  • Summer Fate - this is the highlight of the year for many schools and often their biggest fundraising event. Get the children and parents to volunteer and invite the community in for a fun filled day. Charge an entrance fee and have lots of activities taking place which can be charged for i.e: hook a duck, decorate a biscuit, skittles. Then add a bbq to sell food and offer refreshments. All you need know is the sunshine!
  • Plant Sale - Ask some green fingered parents to grow and donate some plants to your school which you can sell on, make it an event and take orders. Even better, maybe the green fingered parents would be keen to give a short workshop on gardening with some great tips of what works and when to plant what. This could be promoted to the local community and people could attend for a small fee.
  • Selling Old Uniform - Set up a school uniform shop in the school, maybe open one afternoon a week. Get volunteers involved to help run it and ask for old school uniform in good condition to be given to the school to be sold on to help raise funds. This is great for stopping items going to landfills and also helping parents who struggle to afford new uniform for their children.

Quirky fundraising ideas

  • Sponsored Kick Ups - Hold an online Kick Up event. Each participant pays a fee to enter and then records them doing their kick ups. The person with the highest number of kick ups wins a prize. This is great fun for people of all ages to get involved with.
  • Carnival - Create a mini carnival to raise funds for your charity while having fun with your community. Many councils offer outdoor space for free to charities, get some street food vendors and pop up bars involved who can pay to be there as well as some stall holders. Ask local dance acts and bands to perform all adding to the atmosphere. Even better if you can get it sponsored by a local business.
  • Swear Box - Ask a local business who has a good number of staff to put a charity swear box in their office and raise funds for your cause every time someone swears. Find the right company and you could make a fortune!
  • Firewalk - Mind over matter for this thrilling fundraiser. Sign people up who can then be sponsored to walk over hot coals - all for a good cause. This is an exciting event and more money can be raised on the day by asking for donations for food and drink. Read about the Charity Firewalk we ran.
  • Pub Crawl - As quirky fundraisers go, this is a great idea for something a little different but great fun. Organise a pub crawl and charge participants an entrance fee. Then speak to all the pubs on route letting them know that you will be sending people their way and can they each make a donation to your cause. At each pub the participants get their form stamped, enjoy a drink or two and then make their way to the next pub. All who finish the pub crawl can be entered to win a prize.
  • Loose Change - Go out to your audience and ask them to check around their house for any loose change. This loose change, no matter how little can then be donated to your cause and banked when you have received a good amount. Spread the word wide and far and get everyone checking the back of their sofas.
  • Car Share - Have you seen the Peter Kay sitcom? Encourage your colleagues and supporters to share lifts to and from work. This is great for the environment, makes parking easier and helps with our mental health. The money saved by people in fuel and parking can be donated to your cause.
  • Raffle a Day Off - Get a business involved and ask them to run a raffle in their office for someone to win a day off work. Raffle tickets could be sold around the office and a draw is made once a month for someone to win a day off and all the money raised is donated to your cause.

"We are so grateful to everyone who chose to support Alzheimer's Research UK through TheGivingMachine! With your support we are funding cutting-edge research and we will make life-changing breakthroughs possible in dementia research. Thank You"

Lindsay at Alzheimer's Research UK

"Spreading the word about the great work a Charity is doing is so important. For us being TheGivingMachine's Featured Cause was a great way of telling people about all the vital work we are helping make possible, raising awareness and much needed funds."

Caroline at Together For Animals

“TheGivingMachine is such a great idea. It has made a difference to CdLS and the way we think about generating income for our Charity. It is a great concept because everybody wins. We would definitely recommend TheGivingMachine."

Natalie Blockley at CdLS

"As a Charity we rely on the generous support of the people and businesses of both counties to keep our life-saving service operational. Thank you to TheGivingMachine for your continued lslupport and for keeping us flying."

Natasha Robertson, Fundraising Manager - Essex & Herts Air Ambulance



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