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Doing business the same way and expecting different results is crazy.

New approaches are required that will transform businesses to become part of the solution. Givenomics is an emerging model that unites companies, customers and communities so all can contribute and thrive.

This book provides an overview of the the experience of building TheGivingMachine and how that led to discovering how combining commerce and giving can enable commerce to become a force for good and benefit companies, customers and communities.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and everyday business activity blends to create more value for all stakeholders.

Unscrupulous businesses practices have damaged economies and we all have to literally pay for that. Continually increasing shareholder value by constantly seeking to push more stuff to more customers with ‘in your face’ sales techniques is just unsustainable. These models may hit short-term sales targets but they don’t build sustainable longer-term shareholder value and have little or no benefit for the communities we all live and work in.  Never has it been more obvious that greed as a business driver has caused such incredible and long term damage to an entire economic ecosystem.

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