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Supporting BNI Charities

Making it easy for UK BNI charity members to make the most of their membership

with Members and Chapters in over 70 countries

BNI is the largest and most successful business networking organization

There are over 600 BNI groups throughout the UK and Ireland and over 230 of these have charities as members.  However, as charities don't have the same sort of products and services to "sell" vial BNI, it can sometimes be hard for them.

TheGivingMachine have been members in the Essex region for over 2 years now (BNI Fantasia in Great Dunmow) and we have some great solutions to make it easy and fun for each chapter to support their charity member or a charity in their local community, gain referrals and income.

If you haven't got your own weekly lottery, we'll get you set up for free and generating regular income in no time

Our BNI Chapter Lottery may be ideal for you because:

  • We'll set it up for free
  • You don't need a lottery licence as you operate under our charity
  • You have no admin to do, just promotion and reminding people of why their support makes a difference
  • Tickets purchased to support you can be logged as a referrals
  • You are notified of weekly winners which can be announced into your chapter's WhatsApp group to say thank you and encourage others
  • Members can refer the lottery to friends, family, colleagues and contacts
  • Gift vouchers can be purchased as gifts to support your charity and give the chance for others to win

Find out more: book a BNI 1:1 with Richard Morris




An exciting fundraising lottery scheme

  • A free and easy way for schools, charities and community groups to raise vital funds.
  • Businesses can launch lotteries for their staff and customers to support their chosen good cause.
  • Players could win up to £25,000 while supporting causes that matter to them from just £1 a week.

"TheGivingMachine enables customers to help those who really need it, and through a simple decision, make the world a better, kinder place."

Julia M - Supporter

"A professional efficient yet client-friendly company. Working for worthy causes at no extra cost to the customer."

Gary - Supporter

“It is a great way for us to get funds for our school fund. We make sure parents & staff are aware of the GivingMachine they then inform their extended family and we get even more funds!!"

Joan Kearns - Cause Rep

"There is nothing to not like about TheGivingMachine!"

Graham - Supporter

"Completely focused on creating a culture of giving and community spirit."

Ian - Supporter

"Useful adjunct to local fund-raisers and helps with cashflow."

Peter - Supporter

"Brilliant company, doing great work for thousands of Charities."

Gayle Campling - Supporter



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