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  1. You buy something at an online shop via TheGivingMachine.
  2. Your purchase automatically generates a sales commission
  3. As a charity and not-for-profit organisation, we turn the commission you’ve generated into a charitable donation and pass it on to your chosen cause.

YOU decide
which causes you want to support

Fundraising has never been so easy


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2018 TheGivingMachine Community Hero Winner

Richard Morris, CEO and co-founder of our award-winning charity TheGivingMachine, made a visit surprise the winner and present Vicky Williams with her award for TheGivingMachine 2018 Community Hero.

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Create your own fundraising Christmas cards

Let the kids get creative whilst raising funds for your cause.

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August's payment run

August’s payment run of over £21,000 has been sent to 543 causes. Find out our top ten payees.

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