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Community saves Herts Hogline

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of it members - Coretta Scott King

Last month Lynne Garner, who runs Herts Hogline issued a plea for help on Facebook. With just £129.55 left in the Herts Hogline bank account, and monthly expenses of £135, she had no choice but to make the very sad and difficult decision that Herts Hogline should close on January 1 – but within 24 hours, her plea was met with so much support from the local community, and she found that supporters had donated enough to fund her work for at least another year. The true definition of a community coming together.

Through our Donate Now page Herts Hogline made £981.49 in Direct Donations since issuing their plea. These donations allow Lynne and her small team of volunteers to continue the amazing work that they do to save our little hedgehog friends.

So, who are Herts Hogline, and what do they do which is so vital?

Herts Hogline is a non-funded voluntary organisation who have been caring for local hedgehogs since 1990 in Bishop’s Stortford. Run by Lynne Garner and a small group of volunteers. They fit in the care of the hedgehogs around work and family commitments. They have over the years, built a strong working relationship with several local vets, who help them to give ‘their’ hedgehogs the best care they can. Herts Hogline’s aim is to return all fit and healthy hedgehogs back to where they were found. Sadly, there are occasions when a hedgehog cannot be returned to the wild, perhaps it’s disabled, then there are fosterers connected to Herts Hogline, who will provide them with a safe and secure place to live for the rest of their life. As well as all the wonderful work that they do directly with the hedgehogs, Herts Hogline also spends time providing advice to anyone who has found a hedgehog in need or who wishes to make their garden a hedgehog haven.

Herts Hogline is totally funded by donations, and despite having other commitments, Lynne and her team still work tirelessly to help the hedghogs, with Lynne even turning her garden shed into a hedgehog hospital. Your donations allow them to care for the sick and injured hedghogs, help conserve the local hedgehog population, and educate the public in how best to help the hedgehogs.

Here is how you can support them via us -

By adding Herts Hogline to your causes on the Shop&Give website, you’ll be raising free donations for them when you shop online.

You can also support Herts Hogline by adding them as a cause that you support on your Shop&Give account and then collecting your Free Daily Bonus Donation when you sign up, which will then give them a free donation every day. 

If you would like to send Herts Hogline a Direct Donation you can support the amazing work that they do here.




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Michelle supports the team with all aspects of administration and manages some of our social media platforms. With a background in healthcare, Michelle has a passion for helping others.

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