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Supporting Dalit Children Case Study

Who are Supporting Dalit Children?

Supporting Dalit Children (SDC) are a registered charity that aim to provide financial and social support to Dalit children, as well as spreading awareness and teaching the wider world about the challenges that Dalit children face. The funds from Supporting Dalit Children’s GivingLottery page go to two specific pupils of the Kappaladi School in India, Jayashali and Vijayaraj. These funds allow them to become educated and receive highly-sought English Medium classes, which is a key building block for Jayashali and Vijayaraj’s future employment opportunities. On the GivingLottery they have successfully raised around £900 since their sign-up in March 2021.

How have Supporting Dalit Children benefitted from the funds raised on the GivingLottery?

The money that SDC raises through the GivingLottery covers the costs of education for children attending the Kappaladi School. Whilst Jayashali and Vijayaraj have benefited from the funds raised, there have also been 3 other children who have been able to be supported by these same funds! Originally, Supporting Dalit Children were helping two other children, Meghana and Godwin. These children were fortunate to have been sponsored directly by an existing sponsor parent, thus their GivingLottery funds went to supporting Raja and Jayashali instead. Another miracle happened and Raja became sponsored directly. Currently, Jayashali continues to be supported by the lottery money that SDC have raised, and now so does Vijaya Raju. 

About the author

Alexandra Morris

Alexandra recently joined TheGivingMachine to help with growing the GivingLottery and improving the way people use both of our fundraising platforms.  

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