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Utilize Plc supporting Kids Inspire on GivingLottery

Utilize Plc continues to enjoy a long tradition of working in partnership with local charities in Essex. The company’s Charity Ambassadors actively encourage staff and clients to participate in fundraising events and volunteer their time through their community day scheme. They support their chosen charities through sponsorship opportunities, innovative event management, promotion and awareness building via social media (with support from local celebrities).

Utilize started to partner with Kids Inspire in 2019, in appreciation of the vital support they give to children, young people and their families in Essex. Kids Inspire provides mental health and trauma recovery through a range of therapeutic and community activities, promoting resilience, self-awareness, and relationship building to empower more positive life choices. Over the last three years, Utilize staff members who have volunteered to work on various Kids Inspire appeals have become passionate advocates for their work and goals. 

Why the Giving lottery

"Fundraising for charities is rewarding and vital to their survival - but the pandemic and social distancing has made a difficult and time-consuming task at the best of times, much more challenging. So, when Kids Inspire suggested setting up a Utilize GivingLottery page for the charity, we jumped at the chance. The GivingLottery facilitates a quick and consistent opportunity to raise vital funds in a fun and convenient way.

Through the GivingLottery platform, we were able to quickly go live with a user-friendly page, requiring minimal admin, so that our staff could enjoy cracking on with raising money for Kids Inspire and potentially win some cash whilst doing so.

We are steadily building our ticket sales every month and we know that it makes a big difference to the charity to receive predictable monthly income. With regular performance and finance updates from the Giving lottery, we have complete visibility to track what we raise for Kids Inspire each year. Fast, convenient, and consistent fundraising – it’s a definite winner."

Utilize Plc

Utilize Plc is an award-winning IT Support Company that boasts over 21 years of industry expertise. Utilize has the experience, the people, and the passion to deliver, manage and support technology that enables SME businesses to achieve their full potential.

From installation to maintenance, user training, and technical support services - Utilize works closely with their clients to help them strategically plan and effectively adopt and deploy technology. They have revolutionised their entire technology services provision to facilitate an environment whereby the adoption of modern technology is continuous and drives measurable change, ensuring that they make a positive impact towards their client’s business’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

They work with their customers to attain a deep understanding of their business, current working practices, people, and their existing use of technology and introduce technology change at a pace that is right for their customers - and not just right for Utilize Plc. 


About the author

Richard Morris

Richard is a co-founder and Chief Executive of the charity.  He’s a successful entrepreneur in business and technology both in the UK and USA and wanted to leverage technology for good with his co-founders.  He manages TheGivingMachine strategy, development programme, leads major projects and business development.  He also consults for businesses wanting to adopt a more people, planet, profit culture.

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