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Christmas Cards from The School People

We’ve teamed up with The School People again this year to offer a great opportunity to all the causes on TheGivingMachine. Children and other supporters can create their own Christmas cards, which are professionally printed and packaged ready to send to friends and family. Your cause will receive £1 for every pack of Christmas cards, £1.50 for each mug and 50p for every pack of tags ordered.

It’s simple, just complete the online form (link below) and we’ll send you an info pack with everything you need to get going including posters to advertise to parents and supporters, order forms and details of the whole process. Once the designs are ready return with a prepaid courier with payment and within two weeks your cards will be returned along with a cheque for your school/cause.

So contact ‘The School People’* NOW to order your Fundraising Pack which includes posters and order forms, stating the number of order forms you require. We know Christmas feels like a long way off but why not get one activity out of the way early AND raise some money at the same time. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a chat, and we’ll get you set up. Tel: 01279 437710

Your school/cause will receive £1 for every pack of Christmas cards, £1.50 for each mug and 50p for every pack of gift tags.

There is no minimum order for the school to take part, but the donation only kicks in over £150 (The school can take part whatever the order value).


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Rachel Jackson

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Rachel oversees all our marketing activities. Rachel is a wife and mum to two children, she enjoys theatre trips and (fair-weather) running. You may also find her treading the boards with a local theatre company.    

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