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Why we have launched a new website

We knew it was high time we gave TheGivingMachine a new lick of paint and updated our charity's shop window.  Which is a funny turn of phrase because one of the main reasons for the update is that we've grown since our early days of just being an online shopping portal but our website hadn't kept pace with that change. 

We now provide a donation service, GivingVouchers and have a fantastic GivingLottery platform. Not to mention we work with businesses to support local causes too. So we're delighted with our new site which helps visitors better understand what we do, how we help and most importantly how to get involved and join in. Behind it all, we're still the same team of dedicated people meeting in cyberspace to keep the machine well oiled and we still love sending out all the payments a month on behalf of all the supporters that use us to make a difference to their causes.

A GivingNation is a happier nation and who doesn't want to feel happier?


About the author

Richard Morris

Richard is a co-founder and Chief Executive of the charity.  He’s a successful entrepreneur in business and technology both in the UK and USA and wanted to leverage technology for good with his co-founders.  He manages TheGivingMachine strategy, development programme, leads major projects and business development.  He also consults for businesses wanting to adopt a more people, planet, profit culture.

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